Career Guidance

At the Kenyatta Trust one of our main objectives is to provide a higher standard of education, which includes programs that provide choice and make learning enjoyable while still meeting the needs of our beneficiaries and the societies in which they live. This paired with our core values of: service, leadership, integrity, justice and peace have led us to create a variety of events and programs that we hope will continue to inspire and empower our beneficiaries.

Career Guidance
The goal of The Kenyatta Trust Career Day is to introduce students to careers by bringing executives and community members to discuss their jobs, skills, education and training with our students.
Janjaruka Camp
At The Kenyatta Trust we invest in our scholars so that they are trained and practice skills enhancing survival within their communities. In line with this we hold a six-day camp, dubbed The Janjaruka Camp, twice a year for our beneficiaries. The Janjaruka Camp is aimed at increasing the interaction among our students and exposing them to different experiences that will allow them to develop and sharpen their internal and physical skills.
The Tuungane Executive Mentorship Program provides our students with first hand access to corporate and public service leaders who help mentor them into becoming productive, patriotic citizens who will lead ventures with integrity, leading to financial stability.
The Inuka Economic Empowerment Program aims to ensure the long term economic self sustainability of our scholars' families. Through the economic strengthening, most of the families are able to meet their basic needs and create a supportive home environment for our scholars.
Community Service
Our students are required to give back to the community by undertaking voluntary community service. This spirit of service sets them apart from most of their peers and instills in them the culture of serving and developing their communities.
County to County
Every year our Form II students are given the opportunity to live with and learn more about another Kenyatta Trust family from a different community. Through this program we aim to foster understanding, tolerance and create a culture of national cohesion amongst our students.
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